Find your Paradise in the Aqua-Garden

A real fountain of life

The ultimate goal underlying the resort's architecture is to imbue the vast inner courtyards with part of the mystery and transformative power of the sea, to induce that feeling of infinity given by the open sea.

The grand spectacle of the wide sea is thus moved inside the complex through the construction of 2 elevated infinity swimming pools that perfectly imitate, to the millimeter, the feeling of absolute freedom created by the sea horizon.

Wellness hub

A center dedicated to the natural
balance of life

Here you embark on an individual journey in search for the perfect balance between body, soul and mind. Immerse yourself in a universe of spa treatments guided by experts in bringing your body into harmony with the Universe

More than anything, keeping yourself healthy is "the ultimate lifestyle", that's why days spent at the seaside need a place where physical energy can be transformed into well-being.

An ultra-modern fitness center awaits you just steps away from the door of your residence within the resort to cultivate and maintain your physique in spectacular shape.


A community built around refinement

The fine-dining restaurants located in the resort offer culinary experiences, each in its own unique way in an eclectic mix of concepts and cuisines.

They start their gastronomic journey from a common source: the guarantee of a sumptuous decor and ambience, which invites you to get lost in a world of tastes and menus that pleasantly surprise you with every choice.

The status of an elevated destination is proven day by day by the nobility of a community formed around style, an elite that gives flavor and lends a touch of aristocracy to the place.


Carta Privilegium

Resident of the sea elite territory.

Excellence is a promise and a privilege.
Here a new elite is born, created under the coat of arms of the sea, where privileges give shape to a sophisticated lifestyle.


Brand Boulevard.
A vernissage of renowned brands.

The passion for beauty and the pleasure of afternoon walks combine harmoniously on a veritable boulevard of brands that outline the resort, giving it an allure of finesse and style.

The brands present here create a unique luxury-shopping destination on the Romanian coast, a place of the elites of which you are part as a resident. The days shine regardless of the weather on the promenade of distinction.

Mamaia North: in the top of luxury locations

The location of the project is set in an area considered to be a lifestyle pole on the Romanian coast: Mamaia Nord.

Tomis Villa Grand Resort becomes a real landmark of the Mamaia resort, bringing value to the entire northern area and propelling it to the top locations in Eastern Europe.


We are waiting for you at the showroom to introduce you to a new way of life



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