A lifestyle doused in sparkles of charm

Lifestyle in the first line

To truly feel that you live by the sea is to be a front-line resident, where the waves almost touch you in the morning as you enjoy an espresso on the spacious terrace that includes a sumptuous sunrise.

The grand spectacle of the wide sea is thus moved inside the complex through the construction of 2 elevated infinity swimming pools that perfectly imitate, to the millimeter, the feeling of absolute freedom created by the sea horizon.

Genius Loci

A voice that always whispers to you, waiting to be discovered

Every detail of the resort bears the signature of Genius Loci – the spirit of the place. The undulating terraces imitating the natural pattern of the waves seem to be sculpted by the warm sea wind.

The trident shape of the entire resort is an ode to the ancient sea gods and the explosion of green tones of the botanical promenade carries you to a world where the sea paints masterpieces, shaping the vegetation that surrounds it.

Specially created to capture this Genius Loci, the resort urges you every moment to lose yourself in a charming world, forgetting about the daily routine.


A private lounge on a beach dedicated to you

The feeling of exclusivity is highlighted every day on a private beach, dedicated to you and the community created around this pole of style and grandeur.

Sophisticated beach-butler services and a private beach club ensure a smooth and subtle transition to a world of pampering where you lose yourself day after day.


Serviced apartments

Hotel management experts always at your disposal

Your holiday home is constantly looked after according to your requests, so that the living experience is similar to that of a 5-star hotel.

A team of professionals watches 24/24 so that any problem is solved before you can percieve it, from the change of bed linens and supply, to the floral arrangements that add flavor to the interior environment.

Mamaia North: in the top of luxury locations

The location of the project is set in an area considered to be a lifestyle pole on the Romanian coast: Mamaia Nord.

Tomis Villa Grand Resort becomes a real landmark of the Mamaia resort, bringing value to the entire northern area and propelling it to the top locations in Eastern Europe.


We are waiting for you at the showroom to introduce you to a new way of life



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